Strengthen Bond and Build Lasting Memories with Your Family

Rebuild your family relationships and reclaim your happiness through our research-driven, tech-free family camp.

Why Choose Reunify?

Reunify is Australia’s first technology-free family camp experience that is geared towards providing a wholesome platform for families to reconnect with each other, and their cultural and environmental roots.

In today’s digital era, families spend more time than ever plugged into the online world and connecting with its virtual inhabitants.

Something that began as a means of communication, connection, and relaxation can quickly become a vicious cycle. We spend so much time glued to our screens that we neglect the tangible bonds with the real people closest to us.

Our technology-free, research-driven camp empowers parents and children to transform their behaviour and gain insight into each others’ thoughts and emotions, improving parent-child relationships and teaching them new, deeper ways of interacting with one another.

We’re proud to provide a comprehensive solution for the whole family, facilitating workshops and offering proven techniques and valuable tools that help parents and children reunite in a family unit where relationships are centred around trust, acceptance, and respect.

Our Core Values


About Us

Australia's first family camp. Get ready to enjoy fun filled activities with your family and learn about better relationships centered around trust, acceptance and respect.


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