Strengthen Bond and Build Lasting Memories with Your Family

Reunify is Australia’s first ever family camp

where the entire family can reconnect and bond over fun-filled yet meaningful activities over a two-day outdoor camping trip. Join in the fun

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Is your family feeling a little distant these days?

  • Do you feel like you’re spending lesser time with your kids because of life’s daily demands?
  • Do you want to make your kids feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with you?
  • Do you feel as if everyone in your family is living in their own world because of gadgets?
  • Do you feel the need to fortify the emotional bond your family has?
  • Do you need an exciting yet worthwhile vacation with the kids away from distractions?

Then, Reunify is the best avenue to fix these concerns in ways your family will remember forever.

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Discover and Indulge Thrilling Adventures to Boost Your Family Bond

  • Build precious memories with your family through Reunify’s exciting suite of activities for the entire family to enjoy
  • Set out on a nature trip where the family learns to solve problems together, support each other, and a lot more
  • Forget about gadgets and the distractions of city life as you get busy with a variety of challenges that develop critical thinking and reveal hidden talents in kids
  • Spend uninterrupted quality time with your kids and talk about anything to encourage healthy communication in the family
  • Get insights about yourself as a parent through assessments and workshops and get tips on modern parenting ways

Why Choose us

Reunify is the very first platform offering inclusive and fun-filled family camps in Australia. Not many places can offer what we do:

  • We provide venues for parents and their kids to break unseen barriers, ultimately helping parents perform their roles in easier and more fun ways.
  • We offer a safe space for families to express themselves emotionally, physically, and creatively helping each other to know better.
  • We help families escape the digital world and enter an intimate space where they can get quality time together while ensuring everyone enjoys it.
  • Our family camp provides opportunity to families to spend time with nature which reduces stress.

Gain Life-Changing Benefits From Our Workshops

  • Deepen your family bond and improve your kids’ behavior for the better
  • Uncover insights about your personality and habits through a free graphologist reading to address them and create a happier, healthier environment at home
  • Give everyone in your family the chance to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings safely so you can work on any problems that arise together
  • Nurture your kids’ social skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline that they can benefit them for a lifetime
Reunify Family

Camp Activities

Fun Activities

Family Bonding Activities

Handwriting Analysis

Mind Reprogramming Activities


For a Transformational Summer

Make memories that will last a lifetime while you and your family experience personal and shared growth at our one-of-a-kind family camp. Spaces are limited so don’t miss the chance to sign up today and see your family relationships soar to new heights!

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7-8 Jan, 2023


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22-23 April, 2023


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What People Say

    positive review  Very brilliant and unique concept to bring the families together. Looking forward to book another trip soon. Highly recommend.

    Amit Bakshi Avatar Amit Bakshi
    August 31, 2022

    positive review  The Reunify family camp was full of curated experiences for both days. Yogita and her team were amazing. There service was impeccable. Our stay, food and room was as good as the service. Will definitely come back for next workshop.

    Pratik Agrawal Avatar Pratik Agrawal
    August 5, 2022

    positive review  Absolutely loved your program that you guys offer. We would love to thank you for such an amazing time at your family camp. Good luck👍

    Sudhanshu Uppal Avatar Sudhanshu Uppal
    August 8, 2022
Arshdeep Kaur
Arshdeep Kaur
Thank you so much for taking care of our kids during the camp. Now they are waiting for next trip and very excited about meeting their friends as well as the awesome camp staff. Great job!
Bobbie Upadhyay
Bobbie Upadhyay
I strongly recommend this family camp.... fabulous rooms….true brand image, beautiful open spaces , great food and to top it all the most welcoming staff .... I simply adore this experience which has always created lasting memories true to its brand standards.

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Australia's first family camp. Get ready to enjoy fun filled activities with your family and learn about better relationships centered around trust, acceptance and respect.


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