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A child’s birth is the beginning of a brand new chapter. Infinite potential and possibilities abound, but along the road to adulthood, expectations are bound to misalign, communication might begin to break down, and moments of real connection become fewer and further between.

When we live in a constant state of stress and anxiety due to resentment, arguments, and unmet expectations, we become reactive and lose control of our emotions. This leads to a toxic self- perpetuating cycle that drives a wedge between parent-child relationships, pushing them apart.

Every family has the ability to reconnect with the free-flowing joy and playfulness that came so easily when their kids were young. It’s simply a matter of realigning, rediscovering, and reclaiming the happiness that’s rightfully yours so that you can become the best possible parent for your children.

We believe everyone is worthy, capable, and deserving of a supportive, peaceful home. Our Art of Parenting methodology incorporates physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development to create an environment that’s filled with adventure, enjoyment, and laughter. When interaction aligns with intentions, there is a natural flow of events that strengthen family bonds.

These are the moments that help us truly reconnect.

While many other family workshops cater to children or parents separately, we believe that true connection and tangible results can only be facilitated when the whole family comes together in unity, honesty, and vulnerability, with an openness to understanding one another.

Reunify was founded to facilitate these powerful journeys of growth and reconnection, enabling families to rebuild themselves from the inside out to create a space where every family member feels seen, heard, accepted, and unconditionally supported.


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