Strengthen Bond and Build Lasting Memories with Your Family

Yogita Khanna
(Founder & CEO)

Founder & CEO

Yogita firmly believes that parenting is not only about raising good children; it has a more significant impact on how we shape our society and the country in the future.

With the Pandemic grappling the world, families struggled to build and save relationships. With Social distancing as the need of the hour, somehow the family distancing crept in with technological exposure reaching an all-time high for everyone.

Its when she founded Reunify Family Camp to help families regain the lost trust, love, and bond. The goal is to remind ourselves that parenting is the experience we will cherish for our life when done right.

Yogita aims to ensure that a happy family atmosphere prevails in all households in Australia, and it emerges as a leader in parenting.

With an MBA degree and a passion for travel, Yogita always wanted to create a bigger impact on society. And fortunately, she has found the right way of doing it via ‘Reunify’ – a fun, educational, and family-centered camp.


About Us

Australia's first family camp. Get ready to enjoy fun filled activities with your family and learn about better relationships centered around trust, acceptance and respect.


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